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Welcome to the Moreton Bay Online Podcast. 

On this show, I interview the people who live around Moreton Bay, and discover what they love about it, how they came to be here, and how they interact with it.

Moreton Bay is special to all of us, for a huge number of reasons, and sharing those reasons with each other is one way we can build community and coastal capacity - and promote custodianship so that our bay stays beautiful and productive for the generations to come.

This research, the podcast, and the Moreton Bay Online social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, have been supported by the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, and Innovation, through an Advance Queensland grant. We are very grateful for their support!

Apr 18, 2019

John Page has spent spent a lifetime on Moreton Bay, following his father into life as a commercial fisher. He quite literally depends on what he observes and understands of life in the Bay.

John shared with me a bit of history around the local seafood industry (he's also currently the Dep. Environment Rep for the

Apr 9, 2019

Robbie Porter is the president of the Moreton Bay chapter of Ozfish Unlimited - a not-for-profit organisation with the explicit goal of helping the millions of recreational fishers across Australia achieve their goal of protecting and preserving fish and fish habitat for the future.

Robbie talked to me about his time...

Apr 1, 2019

Craig Wilson has worked in ports at the ends of Australia, and settled in Moreton Bay to become the Environment Manager for the Port of Brisbane.

He describes how our port differs from the others, and explains why the PoB invests so many resources into monitoring - and improving - the environment, for the benefit of all...

Mar 24, 2019

Dr Kylie Pitt knew early that she would dedicate her life to understanding the world below the waves, but she never guessed she'd develop such a fascination for jellyfish - those unsung-heroes with a bad reputation.

Kylie talked to me about her journey to becoming an expert on the jellies we see off the coast of...

Mar 18, 2019

Penny Limbach and Kylie Roche, through Tangalooma EcoMarines, are inspiring hundreds of young people to save and protect Moreton Bay, and they're doing it with unbridled enthusiasm and hope.

Both experienced Moreton Bay for the first time as adults - they tell me how they fell in love with it, and how they created...