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Welcome to the Moreton Bay Online Podcast. 

On this show, I interview the people who live around Moreton Bay, and discover what they love about it, how they came to be here, and how they interact with it.

Moreton Bay is special to all of us, for a huge number of reasons, and sharing those reasons with each other is one way we can build community and coastal capacity - and promote custodianship so that our bay stays beautiful and productive for the generations to come.

This research, the podcast, and the Moreton Bay Online social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, have been supported by the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, and Innovation, through an Advance Queensland grant. We are very grateful for their support!

Feb 18, 2019

Dr Daryl McPhee has substantial expertise in ecological and social research for coastal zones, including fisheries research. He’s also an author, and in 2017 published his book Environmental History and Ecology of Moreton Bay, which is essential reading for anyone who wants to know Moreton Bay more intimately.


Feb 13, 2019

Sue Pillans is a marine scientist, artist and children’s author/illustrator. Sue carried out her marine science studies and PhD research in Moreton Bay and helped inform planning and policy for the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

These days you can find her or her alter ego Dr Suzie Starfish, lighting up the eyes of kids and...

Feb 11, 2019

Chris Walker has a large following on social media because of his wonderful wildlife photography.

We talked about how he came to spend so much time with his face glued to a camera in the Redlands, what he's learned about the local wildlife since, and how a shady development deal could threaten the natural assets the...

Feb 6, 2019

Sheridan Rabbitt is the Station Assistant at Moreton Bay Research station, where she gets to introduce hundreds of young people to the wonders of Moreton Bay.

But she also conducts research of her own, and we talked about two of her studies. The first is about seahorses and pipefish in Moreton Bay, and why we have to...

Feb 3, 2019

In this first episode of MBOP, I talk to Rob Siganto and John Goodman, Chair and Director of the newly formed non-profit Moreton Bay Foundation.

The foundation has an inspiring vision for Moreton Bay: to make it an "international treasure, known for its excellent environmental health, biological diversity, and...